Low Cost of Living

The low cost of living in Lawrence County, Alabama, is one of the many factors that businesses choose to relocate to the area. Lawrence County offers affordable housing and low property taxes. The low cost of living extends to state and local taxes, prices for groceries and other household items, as well everyday expenses. Residents can enjoy the low cost of living in a rural setting, but still have easy access to great job opportunities, educational opportunities and recreational activities. 

To view available homes in Lawrence County, visit the Valley MLS web site.

ACCRA Cost of Living Index

 Decatur MSAMontgomeryNashville
2017 Annual Average
Groceries 96.8 96.1 97.3
Housing 61.6 83.0 91.1
Utilities 98.9 107.9  90.4
Transportation 87.5 93.1 100.3
Healthcare 88.5 82.3 81.9
Misc Goods & Services 95.0 94.8 103.9

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